A Vineyard With Acreage

Yes. “A Vineyard with Acreage!”

That was the tagline for our home’s sale advertisements. Now to be fair, our house does sit on slightly more than 2.5 acres, and the previous owners did plant 5 rows of grape plants ostensibly so that they could make their own wine. However, when I picture a “vineyard with acreage”, this is the picture that comes to my mind:


Not our little postage stamp hobby vines. It’s become a bit of a running joke in our house.

Another thing the previous owners planted was fruit trees. About 10 dwarf fruit trees planted in various places around the property.


I think those are peaches??

We also have a wild nest of overgrown blackberry bushes.



Here’s a picture of another peach tree in full fruit:


We noticed one day that our nectarine tree was ripe, so Jordan decided to pick all the fruit in one go.


They weren’t too bad, honestly. I made some nectarine pies and we froze the rest, I think we still have some in our freezer even now.

At this point we’ve removed a lot of these little trees, since they aren’t very attractive and a lot of them were diseased. We’re intending on planting some larger shade trees at some point.

We also had a large fig tree on the back corner of our house, that during our inspection we were told needed to come out due to damage from the roots to the house. It took a good amount of work, but we finally got the whole thing removed. I’m planning to make a new flower garden along the back side of the house where the tree used to be.


Jordan probably won’t appreciate my posting photos of his goggle-wearing self, but there you have it.

Happy gardening!


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