Welcome Home

Hi, welcome to our blog! We’re Jordan and Kate, a pair of newlywed veterinarians who bought our first home in April of 2015! We’re going to be documenting our home remodel and renovations, as well as our adventures along the way. We’ll start at the beginning and hopefully be caught up pretty quickly 🙂

We bought our home in April of 2015. It was our first time going through this process, and I have to say it was not an easy ordeal. From struggling to get pre-approval, to being outbid on other houses, to having trouble moving in because the old owners refused to move out, it seemed like it was just one problem after another. However, we finally worked through all of these issues and were able to move into our new home!

Here are the sale photos of our house from before we bought it:



Front Entry:

Front Entry.jpg

Front Entry 2.jpg

Dining Room off of front entry:


Dining 2.jpg



Formal Living Room:

Living Room.jpg



Kitchen 2.jpg

Master Bedroom:


Master Bathroom:

Bathroom 2.jpg


Guest/Kid’s Bedrooms:

Kids Room.jpg

Kids Room 2.jpg

Guest Bathroom:

Kids Bath.jpg

Bonus Room:


And there you have it! Our house was built in 1998, so it’s almost 20 years old and the previous homeowners really didn’t take care of it so there is a lot of wear and tear. There also wasn’t a cohesive color scheme throughout the house… but we’re well on our way toward correcting these problems!

Thanks for visiting!


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